Important Message
Important Message from Met-Ed
Met-Ed customers are urged to be aware of the ongoing, nationwide scam involving a telephone caller posing as a utility company employee threatening to shut off power unless immediate payment is made.

If your Met-Ed account is past-due, you will receive a written notice of your account status, with instructions on how to avoid disconnection of service. While a Met-Ed representative may call a customer whose bill is in arrears in order to remind them that a payment is due, the representative would explain how a payment can be made using our established payment options. They will NOT demand payment over the phone.

If a caller threatens to shut off your power unless immediate payment is received, hang up. If you wish to verify your account status or the identity of a Met-Ed employee, please call 1-800-545-7741.


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•The Authority owns the sanitary system serving the Campbelltown, Colebrook and Lawn areas. The South Londonderry Township Municipal Authority has five members appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Each member's term is five years. The collection system in the Timber Hills area is owned by South Londonderry Township. Sewer treatment is purchased from the Mt. Gretna Municipal Authority.

Municipal Authority

Meets the first Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


Chairman, John V. Pennebaker  •  Vice Chairman, Dale L. Kreider

Secretary, Donald Plourde  •  Assistnat Secretary, Steven Oliver  •  Treasurer, Mark W. Panassow


Sewer Billing is Quarterly

March 1 - Due March 30     •     June 1 - Due June 30

September 1 - Due September 30    •     December 1 - Due December 30

If you have not received your bill by the 10th of the billing month contact our office immediately or email

Payments can be made either at the Fulton Bank-901 East Main Street Palmyra (Palmyra Shopping Center), by mail to PO BOX 4761, LANCASTER PA 17604 or online by clicking herePlease feel free to contact the Township office at 838-5556 with any questions.


Download request_for_sewer_account_information.pdf

A Message to All Settlement Companies Requesting Sewer Account Information: Please download and complete the request form and return to the Township Office NO less than five days prior to settlement.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Download Sewer-Rate-Study-Meter-vs-Flat-Rate-2006.pdf


Rule and Regulations
Download sewer_regulations.pdf



Sewer Maintenance Responsibilities
Download homeowner_responsibilities.pdf


Did you know that YOU, as a homeowner, have the responsibility with maintaining the sewer system?

Homeowners are required to maintain the lateral from their home, to the main sewer line, typically located in the street, or nearby easement. Maintaining the lateral includes keeping the lateral line flowing and free of debris such as roots, or grease.

The sewer system within South Londonderry Township is comprised of a series of underground pipes. Many are publicly owned; however, the sewer laterals are entirely owned by the private property owner they serve. The laterals extend from the building to the mainline within the street (or within an easement at the rear of your home). The laterals typically range from four to six inches in diameter while the township, or municipal authority's mainline is typically at least eight inches in diameter. The private property owner is responsible for the entire length of the lateral, which includes that portion that may be located within the public right of way (under the asphalt and street landscaping).

Sewer backups can cause tremendous damage to the interior of a home. In order to minimize these, South Londonderry Township provides continual maintenance services for the public sewer mainlines.

Unfortunately, sewer laterals are often not maintained by private property owners until a disaster strikes. Out of sight, out of mind is a typical approach to sewer lateral maintenance and operation by many. It is our hope that we can provide you various means of addressing these issues and thus minimize your risk of an overflow entering your home.

The three methods we suggest are:

1. Maintain your lateral through proper cleaning, repair, and replacement

2. Do not place improper items into the sewer or make improper connections to the sewer

a. Keep rainwater out of the sewer lines as it overwhelms the capacity of the sewer lines and may cause sewer spills.

b. Do not pour fats, oils, and grease in your drains as these products harden and stick to the inside of the sewer pipes, which build up and may eventually cause a blockage in the sewer pipe.

3. Install a backflow preventer and cleanout in your sewer lateral.

Taking these simple steps can help keep the flow going, and prevent costly overflows and damage.